Friday, 13 January 2012

A Happy & Creative New Year to you all!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and it was full of creativity. I have just received an email from a lady who bought some of my Making Kits and on Boxing Day she made, 2 Rabbits, 3 Snowman and 2 Reindeer!

If you weren’t so lucky and got stuck with the washing up you might be ready for some “you time” How about learning to knit or crochet? There are places available this very Wednesday 18th Jan for the Cosy Knitting & Crochet Club. More details are on the website of facebook for photos of the previous nights. Tickets are £15 inc drinks, nibbles, raffle, yarns and materials. Pay on the night is possible but please call me to save your seat.

Thank you for all your tremendous support of the new program and to keep up with your needs I have re jigged a few of the workshops. Both Cath Ray and Janet Clare have agreed to another day and there are jut a few places left on the Bookbinding 19th Feb and the 24th March respectively.

In contrast the Friendly Patch doesn’t seem to have caught your imagination. Looks like I did a rubbish job of writing it, which is strange because it’s the one I am most excited about (well apart from the Wonderland Party). Quilting and patchwork is a favourite technique of mine as it means I can use precious scraps and when thrown together they make a beautiful story. I promise this will be a workshop of nostalgia with just enough techniques to get you hooked on the beauty of combing cloth and history making with a practical outcome.

I also think I might have been too specific when I planned the Make a Top in a Day workshop Unusually I tried to keep it simple but I guess you are all more used to my “make what you like” approach! The Sewing Know How and Dressmaking has sold out so it does seem something that you are interested in. So, if you do want to get to grips with patterns, machines, fabrics, fitting and general sewing confidence as well as bags, skirts, tops and cushions come on the 26th Feb.

The Wonderland Party was one of the fastest booking workshops (was it the promise of high tea and games, I ask myself?) so to extend the offer I have added all the activities onto the High Tea and Hats, 3rd March. Your greatest problem will deciding which projects from all the ones on offer you want to get finished in the day. Two tutors, double ideas, double the fun.

Hope & Elvis has gone all posh and has a fancy new logo and loyalty cards, don’t forget to pick one up at your next workshop. Do four day workshops and you will get the fifth half price, it may not take you as long as you imagine when you see the tutors I have planned for later in the year. Artists and makers include, Jessie Chorley, Betty Pepper, Ella Robinson, Janine Nelson as well as a new Hat Blocking course with milliner and writer Mary Jane Baxter. We may even get a wonderful, “angel” like tutor all the way from America! Dates and bookings will be released as soon as all confirmed.

Right I best get back to my painting…. for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to re arrange and decorate the studio and shop The enormity and horrible reality of this task is now upon me...its good job I don’t have much clutter to move….!!


Thursday, 21 April 2011

The best job in the whole wide world

RE: Children's Easter workshop. So ok I was nervous...had I thought it all the designs through?Was everything to hand? Was the studio compliant with health and safety? Had I got enough cakes........???? Fast forward to the photos....I am such a silly. It was such a great experience! The children were all first class designers in the making and the mums , nans and aunties were an absolute joy.  I had the loveliest of lunches provided by one of them and they even got the sweeping brush out at the end of the day!

These are just a few of the photos have a look on my Facebook page if you want to see more - there are some ideas to be had! Huge thanks to everyone x 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Childrens Easter Workshop = NERVOUS!

I am looking forward to tomorrows Easter Bunny Bunting and Bags workshop at the studio but gosh it does get me in tizzy. I have been sorting and planning for an ages, phew don't know how proper teachers do it all day long.  Will post the results if I survive the day! : )

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Video of the Janet Bolton workshop at Hope and Elvis

This was a lovely weekend with the amazing Janet Bolton who had such a good time will be returning in July 2012. I know its too early to know what or even where you will be next year but let me know if you are interested and I can keep you posted when the dates are released.

Lets start at the very beginning.

Hello Everyone,

Wow this is quite scary! Whilst I have a website and write all my course descriptions this seems quite different and I am having flashbacks to writing school essays! When I am worried I always over compensate with exclamation marks! Apologies!
This week I have an Easter children's workshop in the studio and then I am off to South Wales on hols.  Last year I bought so much stuff (including picking up two beds) I nearly had to leave my husband down there! I am thinking of taking my new video camera and might do a video blog of all my finds (hopefully)
I will also try and update to information about myself as that would probably be a good idea, but in the mean time you can see lots of stuff abut me on either Facebook Hope and Elvis page or the website
The End