Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lets start at the very beginning.

Hello Everyone,

Wow this is quite scary! Whilst I have a website and write all my course descriptions this seems quite different and I am having flashbacks to writing school essays! When I am worried I always over compensate with exclamation marks! Apologies!
This week I have an Easter children's workshop in the studio and then I am off to South Wales on hols.  Last year I bought so much stuff (including picking up two beds) I nearly had to leave my husband down there! I am thinking of taking my new video camera and might do a video blog of all my finds (hopefully)
I will also try and update to information about myself as that would probably be a good idea, but in the mean time you can see lots of stuff abut me on either Facebook Hope and Elvis page or the website
The End


  1. Hello Louise!(!!! extra ones for you!!!)

    This is looking good, looking forward to following and reading about your exploits.
    Not sure whether you need a bigger car - or a smaller husband....


  2. I think I need a van! Gosh I thought Facebook was hard, phew, give me a minute and I might just find your blog!